Can You Choose Your Baby's Gender?

Nili provides you with a program that works to combine your unique body’s needs with your desired gender for your future child. We take into consideration that a woman’s medical history, age, weight, genetic predispositions, nutrition, exercise, and smoking habits vary and that these factors influence female fertility and a woman’s capability to become pregnant as quickly as she wants. 

There are things we must do to get the baby that we want, but some things are optional.

For example, let’s take a look at a 35-year-old woman trying to conceive with a constant partner for about six months – but isn’t getting pregnant. In her case, in addition to avoiding certain medications, smoking, and alcohol, she must add exercise to her routine, take particular vitamins, and adopt the right nutritional habits in order to achieve the optimal weight and healthy, fertile environment for conception.

Before you follow your pregnancy plan and become pregnant, let’s review the “must-haves”:

Medical history

If you’re planning a pregnancy, you must discuss your medical history with your doctor. This includes thoroughly reviewing any chronic medical conditions, like diabetes, thyroid or kidney disease, or any other long-term or short-term health concerns. If you have any medical conditions, it’s important that they are monitored prior to trying to conceive to make sure that you and your baby are safe during your pregnancy.

If you’re concerned about genetic diseases, you should consult with a genetics specialist and consider genetic testing for you and your partner.

Through your doctor, you will take blood tests so that you and your physician can have an overall picture of your health and see if you have any diseases or conditions that you weren’t aware of. 

Healthy habits: Nutrition and exercise

As you begin your fertility journey, you may consider changing your nutrition, exercise, and vitamin intake. By following a healthy diet and exercise program you make it easier to achieve the right acidic or alkaline levels in your body, thereby controlling your baby’s gender. If you’re unsure of what to eat or how to exercise, Nili’s 12-month fertility program can help you optimize your body and increase your success in having a boy or girl. If you dream of having a baby girl or boy, get started with our program today.