Your Personalized 12-Months Program

Find out when to start conceiving your baby girl or boy by following your 12-month program.

Start the Next Stage of Your Journey

All our bodies are different, and finding the gender selection method that suits our bodies the most can be hard. Instead of instructing you to use the same sex-selection method as everyone else, Nili will send you a personalized 12-month program based on the best sex-selection method for your body and your desired result.

Nili gender selection methods are based on more than 50 years of scientific research in the field of determining a baby’s gender. Nili only uses natural and safe techniques to guide you to optimize your body for the male or female sperm and to tell you exactly when to have intercourse so that you end up having the baby of your dreams.

Make Good Food Choices

After researching all the sex-selection methods out there, we’ve created an easy-to-follow diet program for conceiving the baby of your dreams. It’s no secret that diet has a significant impact on your ovulation and the gender of your baby; but so many women lack a program that is both easy to stick to and effective in determine the results in favor of your chosen sex. All you need is the right guide to follow.

Timing Is Everything

According to scientific studies, you can determine the results in favor of a girl or boy baby by timing your intercourse on specific days of your cycle, whether you have regular or irregular periods. Get alerts for the days when and how you should have intercourse so that you end up with a baby of your desired gender.

Get In The Zone

When and how you exercise affects testosterone levels in your body, which determines whether you conceive a boy or girl. Based on scientific research, Nili tells you when and how to exercise so that you are able to best prepare your body for conceiving the baby gender of your dreams.

Based on the results of your 1-minute evaluation, Nili may tell you to continue with your current exercise routine or to incorporate new movements into your daily activities. Nili offers a variety of exercises so that you can find something that fits your body type and lifestyle.